I was so scared to start…I’m always scared to start.
There are so few things I can look back on in life and know that I started and finished them of my own accord.

“I want to have kids like that,” I passionately told him. “I want to have kids who have the discipline and perseverance and support to do great things from the time they are young. I want to nurture their energetic spirit and teach them to follow through.”


“I agree.” He simply stated. “But if you’re going to teach them to take risks and follow through and live their dreams, then you have to do that too. So what are you going to do?

I made it 31 days.
Writing, or at least editing, every day.
And no one had to force me to. I forced myself.
And the more I wrote, the more I learned. And the more I learned, the more I grew. And the more I grew, the more passion poured through my fingers on the keyboard. And the more passion was poured out, the more I fell in love with writing.

It hit me hard. I was speechless. I’m not often speechless.
And I knew he was right. He was so right.
What dream had I ever really pursued?
All those books I dreamed of writing from the time I could read?
All those song I dreamed of writing from the minute I learned piano?
All the food I dreamed of cooking and creating?
All the girls I’d wanted to pursue hard and disciple well?


What had I pushed hard at and really pursued through to completion? Even of things God had called me too…which had I been faithful with?

Before starting this 31 day challenge, I had to make an agreement with myself.
It was okay to fail.
I had to decide that failure was an option.
Because if failure was not an option, I would never even try.

I hope this isn’t the only thing I follow through on.
I hope this is a start.
I hope that I keep giving myself the option to fail.
And I hope that I do fail…and get back up again.
Because He always gives grace.

But there is nothing that ever works without work. And I’m so good at believing that my life is the sum of my dreams, when it truly is the sum of my actions.


I want to be the one that follows God’s call to action not just once, but daily. I want to start what He asks of me and finish it strong. So my start? I’m breathing in of Him. And I’m seeking to live my whole life with Him at the center because if it’s by His strength and for His glory then how can I fail?

So let’s breathe Him in first and breathe Him in deep and breathe Him in always, moment by moment, praying that what we breathe out is purposeful and faithful and for His glory alone.

If you didn’t follow along with my 31 days series, Breathe: Thirty-One Days to Let Go and Breathe Deep, then take some time to read through here. Breathe Him in and breathe these truths in deep. I pray they bless you, and I pray you learn even I tiny bit of all I learned through writing them.

Day 1: The Song of My Breath
Day 2: Knots
Day 3: For the Days When…
Day 4: Wide Eyed Heart
Day 5: Where You Sit
Day 6: Not Just Church
Day 7: He Never Breathes In
Day 8: A Whole Heart
Day 9: What it Really Is
Day 10: Name the Thanks
Day 11: He Never Rushed
Day 12: His Presence With Us
Day 13: This Journey {Guest Post}
Day 14: Not an Accident
Day 15: When
Day 16: Truth is…
Day 17: It Comes from Obedience
Day 18: He Loves You
Day 19: He Loves the World
Day 20: If it’s Not From Him
Day 21: Breathe in the Midst
Day 22: Light
Day 23: Intention
Day 24: First
Day 25: To Do List
Day 26: Adding the Minutes
Day 27: Change Me
Day 28: Only as Important
Day 29: Obedience and Thanks
Day 30: It’s Not About the Breathing
Day 31: The Whole Point


Be blessed

Day 31: The Whole Point

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