“We can decide to endure life and make it a burden, escape life as though we were running from a battle, or enjoy life because we know God is in control.”Warren Weirsbe


I’ve been there…
I’ve endured life because the cycle of work and rest felt like a useless cycle, spinning out of control.
I’ve escaped life because it felt too much or not enough.
I’ve enjoyed life simply because it’s a gift.
And one of these places is always harder and far better than the others…

The past few weeks have been full, and I’ll be honest, I’ve been doing a little bit of enduring and a little bit of escaping. There is so much going on that I don’t think I can handle it if I dive in fully, so I’ve put my self on autopilot and just endured. I haven’t had the time to get everything done the way I want, so I’ve thrown my hands up and just tried to escape.

But enduring and escaping are wrong.
They aren’t just a bad idea.
They aren’t just unhealthy viewpoints.
Enduring and escaping are sin.

Because at the core, both enduring and escaping look God in the face and say, “I don’t trust that You are in this and that You being in this makes it worth it for me to be fully present with You.”

Enduring and escaping show a lack of trust.
Enduring and escaping say that God’s presence isn’t enough for us.
Enduring and escaping take us away from God’s power and work in the midst of our life circumstances.

But I am convinced that God is worthy of our trust, and that His presence in our circumstances should be enough for us to want to be fully present there with Him.

So I’m preaching to my own heart and praying for the strength to settle into my days fully present and fully aware of God’s presence with me in the midst.

Will you join me?

Be blessed

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