“In order for God to do miracles in our lives, we have to be in a place where we need a miracle.”Pastor Daniel Williams



We all want to live by faith, but no one wants to feel completely overwhelmed and unsure of how things could possibly work out.

We all want to step out for God and do whatever He asks, but no one wants to obey when God only shows them the first step down a long and scary path.

We all want a miracle, but no one wants to be in the place of desperate need that necessitates a miracle.

We all want to see miracles.But no one wants to be in the place that makes a miracle possible.

Because you can’t have a miracle without the need for one.
Because miracles aren’t normal or expected or natural or easy.

So if you are finding yourself in a hard place today, a desperate place, an overwhelmed place, or a seemingly hopeless place, remember…you are in a place where a miracle can happen.
And we serve a God of power.
We serve a God of miracles.





It won’t be easy.
It won’t be normal.
It won’t be expected.
It won’t be planned.
It won’t be on your time schedule.
It won’t be in your control.
It won’t be the way you thought it would be.
But God can work miracles in your hopeless situation.

Sometimes His miracles may look incredibly natural, like using people to help provide for you.
Sometimes His miracles may be very intangible, like giving you salvation.
Sometimes His miracles may not seem like miracles, like stripping away things you think you need.
Sometimes His miracles won’t come when you need them, because the real miracle is happening on the other side of the tragedy.

But I believe in a God of miracles.
So let’s not be afraid of the hard places, the scary places, the places where we don’t have control of what happens. But let’s begin to look at those places as opportunities for God to show His power…for Him to do a miracle.

Let’s reset our perspectives with the truth that God can show up in the midst of our desperate situations. Let’s remind ourselves that He is powerful and that He desires to show Himself strong in our weaknesses. Let’s preach the power of the Almighty God to our frightened and anxious hearts remembering that He is a God of miracles.

Be blessed

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