“Sometimes I get discouraged living in the city…until I realize it’s because I’m looking down at the dirty worn streets constantly. So today I’m trying to remind myself to look up and enjoy the sunshine palm trees and old lamp posts. Beauty is a gift from God and I’m so thankful for it.”My Instagram


Because the sky is big and it makes me feel small.
The sky, the ocean, the mountains…in order for me to enjoy their beauty I must take my focus off my feet and look up. And I wonder what the perspective looks like from a birds height.

“I lift up my eyes to the hills.
From where does my help come?
My help comes from the Lord,
Who made heaven and earth.”

Psalm 121:1-2

And life looks so much smaller from up above.
And from the perspective of heaven, your story isn’t simply messy or in-the-middle or broken. From the perspective of heaven, the now is completed and the present is past.

Sisters, He sees the end of your story.
Because your story is just a tiny piece of the picture He’s painting across the canvas of history. And the bits of your life, of my life, that are messed up, imperfect brushstrokes, He’s somehow blending into a masterpiece beyond compare.

And when you and I get to the other side of eternity to see His finished artwork, we’ll be completely overwhelmed with the beauty, the intricacy, the glory that He formed from broken lives and imperfect brushstrokes.

Because we may never see the finished product in this life.
Because my story, your story, they are only a tiny part of THE story of God…the story He is writing through all of history.

We are the broken, the imperfect.
And He is the master artist.

So sister, when you can’t see anything but the mess and the missteps, will you choose with me to trust the beauty He is creating across the landscape of history? Will you choose to trust the promises of good He has given? Will you keep seeking Him and trusting Him and obeying Him even when you can’t see Him?

Tip your head back and breathe.
Breathe in the freedom that this is all about so much more than just you…it’s about Him.

Be blessed

{NOTE: This post was prescheduled while I am on a 9 day missions trip in Mexico. I would truly appreciate your prayers for myself and the rest of the team. For more information about the trip you can read here.}

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