I wrote this post a little while ago and when I went to write my Girl Behind the Blog post, I realized that it fit perfectly with this post that I had sitting in my drafts just waiting.

So here you go!
My Girl Behind the Blog Vlog
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my random thoughts on my purpose in blogging…
I say that I want to start writing again, but I have no inspiration. In truth, it’s more like starting for the first time. I suppose I should take my own advice and simply start writing things down…whatever comes into my head, just put it on paper.

But what is it that I have to share? What is it that I want to share? What is it that I am supposed to share? …And will it make any difference anyways?

I dream of being great. A great author. A great teacher. A great singer. A great song writer. But what are my GIFTS? What are my talents? Why is it so difficult to be content with who I am? With who God created me to be?

What if I am never SPECTACULAR at anything? What if I am never great? Never special? Never important?

Does that matter?

It depends on who I ask…it depends on who I believe.

Everywhere I look says the same thing…the only thing that matters is fame. How many people know your name? That is how much impact you have.

Except for one place…
When I look there for answers I find a different message.
In order to gain your life, you must lay it down.

Whoever is last shall be first
Whatever you do for the least of people…

“…You have done it unto me…”

Jesus gave us a perfect example of this:

He healed many people, but He didn’t tell them to go spread the word and make Him famous. In fact, He often told them not to tell anyone at all.

He did not seek power and fame. In fact, He fled when people tried to crown Him king.

He did not seek out the rich and famous of society to be His friends. In fact, He was rightly accused of being a friend of sinners.

He did not try to push His own agenda or forward His own plan. In fact, the night before He died, He said “Father, not my will, but Yours be done.”

He did not try to take the glory for the miracles He did or the message He preached. In fact, He stated that He stated that He spoke not to seek His own glory, but rather the glory of He who had sent Him.

He did not Lord Himself over us. In fact, He sacrificed Himself for us. He took our place of punishment. He clothed us in His own glory so that we might partake in fellowship with God Almighty.

And He gave us this calling…
“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I had commanded you.”
And stated that He is glorified in us.

That is my purpose.

Whether I write or sing or sew or teach or be a stay at home mother…that is my purpose.

As Jesus proclaimed…I am not of this world, just as He was not of this world.
My home is in heaven…waiting for me.
My Father is preparing a place for me.

I am just a stranger on this earth. A stranger seeking to bring glory to the one who sent me.

How will I do that?

Does it have to be clear?

Each day, each breath, each step will bring a new opportunity, a new choice, and a new platform for making Him awesome in my life.

This is my purpose…by God’s grace and strength alone will I achieve it.
In fact, I will not achieve it.

He will achieve it in me. He who began the good work by rescuing my doomed life, will complete the work of glory in me…and He will rightly receive all the honor and credit for it.

I choose the second option. I choose that fame does not matter…at least not my fame.

His fame matters.

Be blessed.

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