Some of you may remember this tweet and instagram photo.

Yep…my hubby and I like Steven Curtis Chapman.  He is a phenomenal song writer.  I am seriously in awe of his ability to put words together in a lyrical way (sounds so simple doesn’t it).  He gets across the most AMAZING messages in his song.

This post is going to kill two birds with one stone! Oh yeah!  (Wait…is that politically correct to say anymore? Oh well.)

You get a photo dump of all my flower photos from around our neighborhood AND you get a peek inside my journal!

Why the song with pictures of flowers? Well, listen to the words of the first verse.

Is it hard for you to admit your need for help? It is for me.
Is it hard for you to admit you sin…even to God?  It is for me.
Is it hard for you to stop trusting in yourself and starting trusting in God? It is for me.

A typical journal entry for me includes me crying out to God for help in this area. I constantly am asking Him to help me to surrender in one area of my life or another.

So join me, will you? Join me in my Declaration of Dependence on the finished work of Jesus Christ!

Be blessed and link up posts that take a peek inside your heart (aka. journal).
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