I wonder when and where we started thinking that love just happens. Because the true love I’ve seen requires planning and attention and work. And the truest love I’ve seen ended with the Giver of Love nailed to a cross for me.”Saying Yes: Part 2


Being an extrovert, I would have thought that this “saying yes” would come easily.
But it doesn’t.

I’m tired and I’d rather just mindlessly watch a tv show with my husband.
I’m feeling needy and would rather have someone listen to and encourage me.
I’m overwhelmed and it makes little sense to serve someone else when my own floors need mopping and laundry is waiting to be folded.



And there’s truth that we are called to serve first in our own homes.
And there’s truth that those we’ve pledged our hearts and lives to require our first and best care.
And there’s truth that our walk with God is far more important of all the duties of service we can give.

But I fear that there are times we use these things as excuses. I fear it because I know that I do. And so often I fight hard and fast to justify my actions…but when I have to justify myself, it’s often because I’m not doing what I know is right.

Because when it comes to saying yes to people, we must first say “yes” to His will…
And His will often leads us to service.
When we’re in the center of His will for us, He will provide the time.
When our hearts are stayed on Him, He will bring peace.
When we let go of us and hold tight to what He wants, He will use us.

And saying yes to people starts in the dark and secrete corners of our hearts, but it doesn’t stay there…it always reaches outward to others. Because no inward change stays inside.

True change always starts on the inside and then it always moves outward to others.

So saying yes to people…
It’s inward and outward.
It’s an attitude of the heart and an action of the hands.
It’s a private way to live and a public way to serve.

Will you join me? Is God calling you to say “yes” to people? Do you find yourself using your family as an excuse to say no to God when He’s calling you to serve others? Do you find yourself using serving as an excuse to not serve your family?

Be blessed

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