I use the hashtag “speak truth” a lot. Just check my Twitter and Instagram.
But to me, it’s not just a phrase. It’s something I am incredibly passionate about, because the words we speak both flow from and inform the thoughts we think.


Let me say that again…
The words we speak both flow from and inform the thoughts we think.

And all too often, I find myself speaking lies.
I’m just worn out.
I’m too afraid.
It’s not worth the work.
I’m overwhelmed.
I can’t do this.
I’m too tired.

These words aren’t necessarily always lies, but often they are the result of truth I am failing to believe. And words that result from lack of truth, must be lies.

The truth is that my rest in found in Jesus.
The truth is that perfect love casts out fear.
The truth is that anything that glorifies God is worth the work.
The truth is that stress is a sin and I can cast all my cares on Him who is able to bear them easily.

But I’ve found myself often at this second point…
We can’t just speak truth, we must live in obedience to the truth!


If my words and thoughts don’t inform my actions then I’m delusional.

And they’re hard questions to ask, but they are questions worth taking the time for this Christmas.

Do my thoughts and words line up with what I claim to believe?
Do my actions line up with the words I speak?

Dig deep into these questions. I’m positive there will be painful revelations, but if you dig a little deeper than the pain, you’ll also find grace.

Be blessed

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