What am I thankful for? How often do say thank you? How often do I say thank you to God?

Today I am joining up with Erin from Sweetness Itself to list why I am thankful.

Thankful List:

{Marriage is an amazing and beautiful gift! I dreamed about my wedding and my husband for most of my childhood, yet I could never have imagined how beautiful,challenging, and fulfilling it is. God really knew what He was doing when He said, “It is not good for man to be alone.” And boy, did He make it good for man and woman to be together. I am so thankful for His blessing of marriage.}

Our Church
{As frustrating and challenging as working at a church can be, and as incredibly difficult it can be to serve under certain people, I am so thankful for a godly church that teaches the Word of God. If being a part of a church was not hard sometimes, then it would not be worth it. It amazes me how much God used the church to shape my thinking, my beliefs, my attitude, and my desire for serving Him.}

{The importance of vision has become so incredibly clear to me over the past months. I am so thankful for God’s calling on our lives to move to Florida. He has told us that it will be hard, that we will be broken. But He will break us so that His Spirit might be poured out through us. He assurance that He is working in our lives, that He is working through our lives, and that He is working in the world around us is SO reassuring. I fear nothing, because I know that He is in control and has a plan. Praise God that He has called us according to His purposes and that He is working for good in us.}

My Family
{I almost cry thinking about this one. I have grown so much in my faith through them…both them being challenging and through them sharing their lives and walks with God with me. They are my – our – biggest supporters and dearest friends.}

{Who isn’t thankful for the sun? Or maybe it’s just because I currently live in one of the cloudiest and rainiest places on the planet, but the sun makes me smile. I am so thankful for the sunny days God gives me. And think about it…why do sunsets never grow old? And forget just the sun, light itself is essential to our lives. And God, who is light, not only gave us just the right amount of light, but He made it beautiful too. Isn’t He good?}

Jesus’ Righteousness Credited to MY Account
{This is so beautiful, so mysterious, so humbling. He chose to not only forgive my sins by DYING on the cross, but He credited all His righteousness to my account. THE SLATE ISN’T CLEAN! The slate is full of the righteous perfect works of Christ Jesus with my name claiming them all. The records show that I am perfect in God’s eyes! The Father sees Jesus, in all His perfection, when He looks at me. And I did NOTHING to deserve it. I am amazed, humbled, and thankful. What an I do but love Him with my life?}

Somewhat are you thankful for?

Be blessed.
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