Welcome!  I am taking a break from all of my “normal” blogging to spend a whole SIX DAYS talking about the best day of my life…my wedding day!  Here is the schedule:
Day 1: How We Met
Day 2: The Proposal 
Day 3: Engagement Photos
Day 4: Wedding Planning
Day 5: The BIG DAY
Day 6: Our Honeymooon
I hope that you stick around and that you enjoy learning a bit more about me in this mini-series!
Day 2 – The Proposal and Engagement Photos

(This was originally written for our wedding website.  I edited it a bit for use here)

Our Story – “Beginning of Forever…”
         “The brown of your dress doesn’t go with his blue shirt!” my mother told me for probably the fourth or fifth time.  Defeated, I went upstairs to change…blue and blue, not brown and blue…  Oh well…I wanted to match for pictures.

         It was 9:10 am on August 17th as we pulled out of the driveway of my house.  A whole day with Travis!  First taking pictures with friends, and then a picnic lunch and hours to talk!  What could be better?  If only I had known…

         We pulled into the parking lot of Marathon Park.  He grabbed his guitar and we headed toward an empty picnic table.  I sat on top of it, excitedly anticipating the new song he had written.  I was carefully analytical as I listened to one of the most beautiful guitar intros ever… but as he started singing, I grew confused.  What was this song about?  Did he really write it for me?

The words were just barely beginning to sink in as he played the last note and turned to open the guitar case.

He reached into the guitar case’s pocket and pulled out a little box…

I’m sure my heart stopped beating.  This wasn’t…it couldn’t be…it was…

         He opened the box and turned it towards me.  Then gently grabbed my hands and knelt on the grass in front of me.  I honestly can’t remember everything he said.  But the last words, I will never forget…

“Will you marry me, Alesha?”

         I didn’t think I could force words out of my mouth.  Somehow I managed to whisper, “……Yes.”

…I think I had to say it twice. The first time it was so quiet he couldn’t hear me.

All I could do at that moment was to reach over hold him…I hugged him tight, and when he tried to pull back, I held him closer. When I could finally talk again, I let go and he slid that shiny ring onto my left hand…it was the most wonderful feeling.

That one little ring meant that I was going to be his…forever.

He had an engagement party with my family and his planned for that night.

I don’t ever remember feeling so happy and so exhausted at the same time ever…even on our wedding day!

The next day, we launched into planning. We both started up school in 3 weeks and needed to have a good start on everything…

{to be continued…tomorrow}

Be blessed.
Wedding Week - Day 3: Engagement Photos
Wedding Week - Day 1: How We Met

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