We’ve felt stuck for months…Maybe you’ve been there…that moment when you step out in faith and yet nothing is falling into place. The days are ticking by and you keep waiting for God to show up, to speak, to do something big and dramatic that says He’s still got this.

And that moment of faith turns into days that add up to weeks and months.

And desperation sets in.
You start to wonder if you heard wrong. Discouragement breathes down your neck and you start to feel lost and overwhelmed. And all the while, it feels like heaven is silent.


Suddenly you no longer care what He does or what He says, you just want to know that He’s still there, that He is working. You just want to know that He has a plans and the what of the whole thing really doesn’t matter so much anymore.

That’s where we are.
These are the days and hours we’re both inching and flying through.

And we’ve prayed desperately for God to speak. We’ve prayed for a sign or a dream or a prophetic word…and they haven’t come.

But heaven hasn’t been silent.
God has been speaking; He just hasn’t been speaking how we wanted to hear from Him.

And a few weeks ago, I suddenly knew.

If He never speaks how I want…
If we never get a supernatural sign…
If I never hear an audible voice…
If there is never a specific word of prophecy given…
…that is okay. He is still good and I will still praise Him.

And in that moment, my heart was overwhelmed with conviction, because He has been speaking. Over and over and over again, He’s been saying the same thing.

But it wasn’t what I wanted to hear or how I wanted to hear it.

I wanted a showy presentation.
I wanted bold and flashy.
I wanted supernatural signs.

But instead God spoke the way He most often does.
He spoke through His Word.

Over and over He spoke through His Word.
Through my husband and I reading His Word.
Through godly preachers teaching His Word.
Through friends reminding us of His Word.
Through songs proclaiming His Word.

And I didn’t want to listen.

And in that moment, I saw my begging with God for what it was, a lack of faith in the power and truth of His Word.
His Word is truth.
His Word is living and active.
His Word is powerful.
His Word is complete.
His Word is for us today.
His Word gives life and peace and freedom, because His Word always points us to Jesus.

So I’m daily surrendering my lofty desires for show and pomp and supernatural manifestations.
I’m begging forgivingness for refusing to listen to how He wanted to speak.
I’m praying for contentment with the way He has chosen to speak to us.

And beyond simply accepting, I’m learning to rejoice in the way He has chosen to speak.

I’m learning to rejoice in the fact that I have daily, unlimited access to the very words of God Himself.
I’m learning to rejoice when He convicts and reminds and encourages through the bold preaching of His Word.
I’m learning to rejoice when He speaks through a friend sharing a verse or truth from His Word.
I’m learning to rejoice when He speaks through His Word put into rhythm and notes.


Let’s not despise His Word because it is common, because we have easy access to it. His Word is a priceless gift that He promises to use powerfully in our lives.

We should be humbled and awed when He chooses to speak through His Word. And yet we should come to His Word every day expecting Him to speak through it, because He has promised that He will.

When was the last time you took the time to thank God for His Word and for Him speaking through it? For me it had been too long.

Be blessed

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