Do you ever think life feels too good to be true…as if when you even whisper all the joy will disappear into the shadows of trouble?I do.


Do you ever feel so joyful that you feel you must be outside of God’s plan for your life…as if God brings only hardship to those who serve Him?
I do.

Oh sisters, although it is true that we are promised hardships and troubles during our time on this broken earth, we are also told that we have peace and joy and hope in the midst of our affliction.


…from our Father God.

We are also told by God that every good and perfect gift comes from Him…

Sisters, when I let that truth sink down deep, oh the shame it uncovers!


Oh the gifts that I have scorned and wasted doubting my Creator’s goodness!
Oh the joys that I have squandered in fear and self-affliction!

Sisters, we are daughters of the King. And He is a good King Father, who loves to pour out grace gifts on His children!


Sisters, why do we waste time analyzing God’s blessings when we should be dancing in them?
Why do we waste His gifts wondering if they are really from His hand instead of thanking Him for them?
Sisters, if we are fully in love with our Maker, how could we do anything but rejoice in even the smallest of gifts from His hand?


If I stop doubting and start thanking, will not these gifts draw me into closer communion with my Maker?
If I stop using my human intellect and reasoning to decide God’s blessings and instead start rejoicing in the gifts He decides to give, won’t I be drawn into a deeper trust of the God who holds my fragile life in His hands?

If I stop focusing on the trials and start dancing in the overflow of His grace, won’t the trials seem smaller though in the world’s eyes they may grow larger?


When I catch a glimpse of the grace gifts all around me, instead of ignoring them, why not linger on them and enjoy them so fully that my heart must give thanks or burst in the holding it in!


But with a tearful heart I admit that somewhere along the way, I bought into the lie that my dour pessimism is somehow more spiritual than being overwhelmingly giddy in the gift His presence.


Sisters, I’m praying and seeking to undo the grip that this terrible lie has on my life.
I’m learning to dance in the rain of His grace.
I’m learning to run into the stream of His blessings.
I’m learning to give shout with joy for blessings poured into my life.
I’m learning to let the grace gifts bring me running in thanks to His open arms.

Will you join me?

Be blessed

Chasing Dark
Oh the Joy!

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