I was fourteen when the idea first crossed my mind.
We were sitting together, dressed in frilly dresses at a mutual friend’s birthday tea party. She had to leave early because she was heading to a lifeguarding class. As she went on about training for the swim requirements and the job she’d get at the end of the training, I had the thought, “Maybe I could do that when I’m fifteen.”

And somehow that fleeting thought turned into almost seven years of teaching group and private swim lessons and six years of professional lifeguarding throughout high school and college. It still amazes me when I think of all the responsibility dropped onto my fifteen-year-old shoulders when I took that lifeguarding course. I remember this weight of responsibility settling onto me…the chilling realization that since I was now educated in how to save people’s lives, I had made a choice to serve in a way I could never take back should the need arise.



Probably the scariest thing we had to learn was how to administer electric shocks through a defibrillator. I still remember learning the two types of shockable heart rhythms: v-tach, abnormally rapid heart rhythm, and v-fib, irregular heart rhythm.

If you don’t fix the abnormal heartbeat quickly, oxygen won’t get to the brain and irreparable damage will occur…wait long enough, and the heart will quit beating altogether.

That’s how my heart feels spiritually at times. Like I’ve gotten off rhythm and I can’t find my way back to a normal beat. And I can feel the abnormal beating of my heart slowly sucking the life out of me spiritually.

But when your heart is beating a life-sucking, soul-destroying rhythm, where do you go for an electric shock to set it right?

I turn to the book of Psalms.

When I open the Psalms, it’s like an electric shock to my heart that’s beating off rhythm. It resets my perspective. It shocks my heart’s rhythm back into harmony with God.

The Psalms are a collection of prayers and songs and meditations before God. Their rawness mimics the broken beating of my own heart and the truth they proclaim shows me where I’ve gone off course.

I want to share what I’ve learned with you…and perhaps help you have a perspective reset of your own.

So I’ve written a 28-day perspective reset devotional based on some of my favorite Psalms. Each day will have a short reading from the Psalms, followed by a short devotional and action point…all truths that have helped me in my own times of brokenness.

The reading itself is brief, so you can probably complete it in 10 minutes on a busy day. But the action points and verse for meditation are designed so that you can settle in if you have more time. You can use those as a starting place to really dig deep into your heart and allow the Word to shift and reset your heart’s perspective.

The devotional is being released on August 11th, and is completely free when you sign up for my email newsletter. Don’t worry, I won’t spam you with email more than once or twice a month. My goal with that newsletter is to pull back the curtain a bit more so you can see deeper inside my life and I can pour encouragement into your soul.

I pray this Perspective Reset devotional encourages, challenges, and refreshes you.

Be blessed

Thankful: {Just a List}
Obey First: {When God Says Go}

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