Until last Wednesday…

I guess I’ve never been a lot of places until this whole drive-across-the-US-in12-days-seeing-as-much-as-possible thing. But my number one vacation goal for probably the last 10 years has been Washington DC. And now, I’ve been there!

The feeling I got standing inside the Lincoln Memorial, gazing up at the statue and reading the Gettysburg Address, was unparalleled awe. I was really here…I couldn’t quite believe it.

So enjoy this massive photo dump of our 1/2 day in our nation’s capital yesterday!

White House Gates
The White House
Security People On the Roof of the White House
A cop on a horse!
I love all the amazing architecture on the East Coast! 
Should I know what this memorial is? …I don’t
The flowers in front of the Red Cross building were all coordinated red and white! =) …it’s the little things!

This cute little guy was not afraid of us or our camera at all.
I don’t remember what this monument is
I had always dreamed of seeing this view…looking down the reflection pond.
WWII Memorial with the Washington Memorial in the background.
Walking along the reflecting pool
…amd I’ve always wanted to see this one.
(Looking back from the Lincoln Memorial toward the Washington Memorial)
The Lincoln Memorial!!!


One of the coolest and most surreal moments of our trip was standing here and looking up at this famous statue
I stood there and read this whole speech as well.
Washington on the WWII memorial
Florida on the WWII Memorial.
The Korean War Memorial 
And the final main attraction…the Capital Building! 

I hope you enjoyed this little photo journal of our day in DC. It was a such a wonderful experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Be blessed.

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