I want to tell you that your story matters…
But not because it’s your story.
Your story matters because you need to share it.


You need to share your story more than most of the world needs to read it.

Something happens when we begin to artistically share our story. We begin to see how the pieces fit. We begin see how that little forgotten piece from childhood shaped and prepared us for today. We begin see how that deep, dark season prepared us to minister to that person in front of us today. We begin to see the darkness of our own need and the greatness of His love that has saved us from ourselves.

When we share our stories, we see it new all over again.
When we share our stories, we learn things we never saw the first time.
When we share our stories, we relearn the lessons we’ve forgotten.
When we share our stories, we are reminded of God’s gracious hand in our lives.

The world might need your story, but not as much as you need your story.

If you never tell your story, you’ll never learn the power of reviewing all that God has done.

If you never tell your story, you may miss the vastness of God’s glory in you life.


You need your story, because you need to remember where you have come from and what God has done and how faithful He has been in the past. Because when you remember His past faithfulness, it builds faith in Him for the present.

And there will never be enough retellings of your story to express the fullness of God’s glory in your brokenness, so let’s just keep telling and retelling His goodness.

Be blessed

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