I was at the library a few days ago looking for a book by John Piper and some movies for our “at-home date night”. Browsing through the section my eyes happened upon this book cover…

Of coarse I’ve seen this book all over the internet, but when my mom told me she was reading and how good it was, knew I had to read it. But I didn’t want to pay for it right away, so I checked the library…no book. So I started reading Ann Voskamp’s blog. From what I read there, I knew the book would be wonderful.


Now a month later, I happened to be standing in the upstairs isle on the left with it in my hand. My heart was jumping out of my chest! (I am sort of obsessed with books and reading.)


The book is not disappointing. It has sobered me to harsh truths, challenged me to see fully, confirmed beauty that God has been already working in my own heart…to share and create beauty. Not for beauty’s sake, but for the glory of God for He is the source of beauty.


So I encourage you to go pick it up from your local bookstore, rent it from the library, or even borrow it from a close friend. You will be blessed.

Outfit Details:
Shirt – Plato’s Closet; Tank – Old Navy; Pants – Gift (from Ross)
Sweater – Nordstrom Rack (last spring); Shoes – Target (old)
1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp

Be blessed

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