Inspiration. I’m learning that it’s like a glorious adventure, this searching to be inspired. Its full of steps and missteps, always exciting yet not devoid of work.


Ironic right? Isn’t inspiration supposed to be that thing that some people have and other don’t? That thing that strikes randomly and you capitalize on or forfeit?

Nope. At least not always.
True, there will be times of feeling overly inspired and creative where I simply can’t get it all out, and there will be times where my creativity runs so dry I feel cracked in pieces.


And from watching those bloggers (and reading their books) I have learned…
…that’s where the work comes in.

Search for Inspiration
a photo
a view
a book
a song

Collect Inspiration
a vase of flowers
a poem taped to the mirror
a Pinterest board…or ten
a pretty picture hung

Revisit Inspiration
a moment to gaze out the window again
a hour to flip through that album of photos
a week to reread that book
a slow pause to give that kiss

Create Inspiration
a few minutes to reorganize that drawer
a morning to decorate that bookcase
a few seconds to scrub those mirrors
a hour to soak in that bathtub


Search for inspiration in the form of beauty.
Beauty formed in a such a ways that causes something deep inside to stir, that the closer you look the wider your eyes open and the quicker your breath catches in your throat.

Find it.
Breathe it in deep.
Breathe it in slowly.
Breathe it out even slower in thanks to God for this wondrous, mysterious gift of beauty He has given us.
Let Him move you so you can then move mountains.
Let this beauty push you into the arms of the Beautiful One, because as you see His beauty, your longing will be to allow Him to recreate that beauty in and through you.


And finally…
Use your inspiration.

And enjoy it thoroughly. Allow the results to spur you on to more. Allow the results and the process of your creativity to become part of your inspiration process.


I can’t tell you what is inspiring.
I can’t tell you want is beautiful.
I can’t tell you what is refreshing.
Make your own list.
Try new things.
Repeat what works.
Discard what doesn’t.
And when those things that worked so well to inspire and refresh you seem to suddenly grow stale…perhaps you’ve left out the source of creativity and beauty. So go back to Him. Thank Him. Spend time with Him. Remember that those things that refresh you are gifts from Him.


Sisters, be refreshed and inspired in Him, though Him, and through the gifts He has given. Then breathe in and let the breath that pours back out be fully of laughter and joy and beauty.

Be blessed

Work for It: My List
To Live Peace

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