I chose humility as my word for 2015.

I was already considering choosing that word when I found out that I was pregnant with our first precious baby. Then I knew that I had to choose “humility” for 2015: as my theme, my goal, my lesson…my word.

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I had to choose “humility” for 2015: as my theme, my goal, my lesson…my word.

I grew up around kids and babies. I’m the oldest of six kids and thirteen years older than my youngest sibling. We were homeschooled and all helped out a lot at home. I know all the practical details about taking care of a baby…how to feed, bathe, diaper, clothe, soothe, etc.

I volunteered in kids ministry every summer with my mom through elementary school, worked in MOPs in middle school and high school, babysat, taught swim lessons, tutored, ran the Redemption Church Kids Ministry… My major in college was elementary education and several of my friends had kids that I loved.

It’s easy to see that I love kids. My biggest desire in life has always been to be a mom.

All of that to say that when I found out I was pregnant, I knew that I needed humility. I’d already seen my pride creeping out in ugly ways as I watched friends of mine become mothers. I had seen an ugly, competitive part of my heart surface whenever I talked about motherhood and parenting.

This was an area my pride had gone unchecked. And it was painful to admit, but even more painful to ignore.

I didn’t want to choose humility as my word for 2015 because…well, it’s humiliating to admit your pride. The reason why I needed to choose it was even harder to admit, because humility is painful.

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I needed to write this part of the story, because it’s true. And humility is honest…for better or worse. But humility isn’t honest with or about others. Humility is being honest with yourself about who you really are: where you really struggle and where you really excel.

Humility requires that we be honest with ourselves.

Be blessed

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