It’s been ten weeks since our precious son was born. The first few weeks were hard and exhausting and overwhelming. So I did the only thing I knew how and clung desperately to Jesus for strength and grace and peace. But as the days passed and I began to heal and regain energy, my sense of self-sufficeincy returned.

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Several weeks into this wonderful world of parenthood, I came face to face with my own pride in a new way. I realized that I wasn’t seeking God anymore. I wasn’t turning to Him for strength because I suddenly felt like I could do it on my own.

The scariest form of pride is the kind where you don’t see your need for God so you simply aren’t seeking Him. It’s subtle and sneaky and so easy to miss.
We call is self-reliance.
We call it independence.
We call it strength…but it’s really weakness.

It’s weakness to not realize your need.

Let me say that a new way… Pride is a weakness.

Pride cripples us because it blinds us to our true need for God. Pride ignores the fact that without God we wouldn’t even be alive. Pride ignores that we can neither create nor sustain our own lives. Pride ignores the fact that so much of life is beyond our control.

True peace can only be found in humility, because peace rests in the fact that our lives are held in the hands of a mighty and loving God.

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Pride is a weakness…conversely, humility is a strength.

Humility is a strength because humility pushes us toward the God of strength. Humility is a strength because it brings peace and clarity to our lives. Humility is a strength because it allows us to give and receive help freely and joyfully.

Humility is a strength because it keeps us seeking and relying on God. A truly honest person will know their constant need for God’s grace and help.

Humility requires perfect honesty about who we are.

Be blessed

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