First Word that Pops into My Head:

Deer…I’ve seen a lot of deer in my life…what can I say?

People I Know:
Di – Foreign exchange student who lived with my parents this past year
Davielle – Friend
Dan – My Uncle
Daniel…Dear friend and former youth pastor.  He is now starting a church in Delray Beach Florida…more on him later. =)
David – There are several… =)
Debbie – My HS English Teacher and one of my Mom’s best friend. This lady has had a huge impact on my life in so many ways.

Dusty pink, blue, etc.
I found this cool list online this week for help with this one! Check it out.
Dancing (I love dancing and watching dance)
Discovering new things
Dates (with my hubby of coarse)
Diamonds…well, one diamond anyways. 😉

Dictionary Word I didn’t Know:
Deraign (noun)
  1. (Law) to contest (a claim, suit, etc.)
  2. (Military) to arrange (soldiers) for battle
DARK CHOCOLATE!  I can’t eat milk chocolate. But that’s fine, because I LOVE dark chocolate!
Dessert… basically all of it. =)
Diet soda (I actually like the taste of diet soda better than regular soda…but it’s soooo bad for you. *tears*)
Dijon Mustard

I hope you found this entertaining. =)
Be blessed.

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