Hello Friends!
Ready for a quick recap of this week?
New listing on my Etsy Shop!!!
Have you heard of #shereadstruth?  It is an online community of women reading God’s Word together and encouraging one another in Him. If you haven’t already, go check out the website (SheReadsTruth.com) to learn more.
You will be blessed.
Travis and I finally hit our savings goal and treated ourselves to an iPad! Yay! We’ve been planning this since we got married, so it’s pretty exciting to have it now!
(We got the 32 GB iPad 2 with Wifi only…for those of you nerdy enough to care. It only took about 4 hours of conversation for us to come to that decision. =P )
My yummy lunch!
I did a mending project for my sister! More to come on that one…stay tuned. 😉
Why not turn an everyday, rushing-out-of-the-house dinner into a fancy, I-feel-like-I’m eating-out type dinner? It’s simple. Just grab a wine glass and a slice of lemon to add to your water and you’re set.
(HINT: You’ll probably drink more water than normal too!)
And while I’m at it with odd drinks…I might as well drink the water leftover from steaming the brussel sprouts….
And then after church that night, we out for “fancy dessert” with our dear friends Timothy and Amanda.
(The desserts were incredible btw…can you guess which is mine? Haha!)
 More #SheReadsTruth! Praise God for all He has been doing in my heart through this study!
Wearing a hair bow from the shop!  I LOVE it…in fact, I’m wearing it again today.
And finally…today I reached 100 followers! Woohoo!
Thank you all for your awesome support!
I never would have thought this blog would grow this fast. #blessed
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