Hello everyone!  I missed you all while I was studying my head off for my test.
It is DONE now and I will get my results in 4-6 weeks…so I am waiting…
In the meantime, I get to be back here with you all!
Today is just a simple, personal post about my birthday!
My sweet friend Amanda (see this post) planned a surprise party for me Sunday night.
(With help from my hubby of coarse!)
It was so fun and special to have people come and to just hang out!  The cupcakes were good too!  And the plastic dollar store wine glasses.
Me and my sister!
Then we had our normal worship and communion with friends, followed by a game…Settlers of Catan of coarse!
I won! =)
Then on my ACTUAL birthday, my hubby and I drove to Seattle and spent several hours at
Pike Place Market!
My feet ar very sore today. =)
The Gum Wall!
Pretty Trees on a Seattle Street
My AMAZING lunch – Tuscan Chicken Sandwich
Cream Soda from the JONES SODA FACTORY
My pretty tulips from Pike Place

I also so got amazing gifts from my sweet family and friends…including
These AWESOME running shoes from my hubby!

And this AWESOME lip butter that I’ve really been wanting from Amanda.
(She also got me a maxi skirt I’ve been eyeing, but I’ll make you wait til that outfit post.)
I will share more with you all later.  And tomorrow, I’ll be back with a “tagged” post.  =)
Be blessed.
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