What I wore…on my Birthday!

I love this cool “dusk” effect on PicMonkey!  Isn’t it awesome?
But here is one without the filter so you can see truer colors.
It was really windy…my hair was ALL over the place! Yikes! Oh well.  =)

Like the Maxi Skirt?
It was another birthday gift from Amanda and Timothy.

I had been keeping an eye on it at Wet Seal. I actually had gone to the store to get it the same day she gave it to me, but they only had extra smalls left. =( We were at the mall because (unknown to me) Travis was keeping me out of the house so my friends and in-laws could get our apartment read for a surprise birthday party for me!

 Well…I found out why they were sold out of smalls a few hours later when I opened gifts. She had bought the last small for me!!!
Thank you Amanda!

What do you think? Maxi skirts = Yay or Nay?

 Be blessed!

Birthday in Seattle

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