Do you see that girl?The one walking through life carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders?
The one living under the lie that she is not enough?
The one believing that she must right the wrongs done to her before letting go?
The one running to anything and everything but God to fill her loneliness?
The one looking to worldly wisdom to heal her heartache and wounds?
The one who goes to church and says she follows Jesus but is disobeying Him and wondering why she hurts so much?


Does your heart hurt for her?
Do you ever want to just reach in and fix it?
Does your mind just shout “Jesus is the answer! He can make it all better!”?
Do you feel like screaming at her, “It doesn’t have to be like this!”?
Do you sometimes want to just shake her awake to the peace and grace and love found in Jesus?

Oh sisters.
My heart does all these things.
Because sisters, I have been her at many different times of my life…and I know how much better life is when living in surrender to the Spirit of God.


But shaking her and screaming at her and shoving God’s Word in her face and forcing my own agenda won’t change her heart.
And often, as I listen to the Spirit’s instruction, He simply says, “Pray for her.”

And I scream and kick and struggle and hurt because I want to just tell her. I want to do something. I want to force her change. I want to make her see all that she is missing.
And the Spirit gently reminds me, “Only God can change hearts.”
So I say what He tells me and I love with my life and I pray hard and harder still.
I struggle and hurt and bleed for her inside when I can’t do anything but pray.
And I ask God again to let me do, to let me fix and once again He says, “Only I can change hearts.”


And so I burden and break and bend the knee to pray hard that the pain won’t make my heart hard and angry towards her. And I beg for the faith to let Him work.
And when I do try to step in when He has said no, it never ends well.
And I see again that it is true what He said, “Only I can change hearts.”


Lord, keep my heart humble and hurting for others. Keep me close to your heart so that I hear your voice telling when to speak and when to act and when to bend my heart in prayer. Give me the faith to trust that You will work and that You will change hearts and lives. Amen

Be blessed

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