I had a plan for today’s post…mostly. I had two or three ideas that I just couldn’t pick between.
And then I ran out of time.
And I was stressed out about it.
And I really wanted to write.

Until I realized…this is what church planting is.
For us, this is what this week of church planting looks like.


Working opposite work schedules with my husband.


Being humbled once again at the realization that I fail so profoundly in my devotion to God.

Having 3 evenings in a row taken up with church stuff.


Working extra this week so that next week we can take three days and go to the South East Calvary Chapel Pastor’s and Leaders Conference.


FaceTiming my sister at 8 o’clock in the morning.


Knowing that there is no way I can get it all done.

Inviting the ladies over for morning coffee and hang out when I don’t know how in the world I’ll fit it in time wise, but I know it’s what God wants.


Asking for forgiveness and strength to make it through daily.


Cherishing the moments spent in prayer for our church and with our church.


Knowing that today, more than ever, I need to be filled in order to make it through today.

It’s not always pretty, but it’s not always painful…


It’s real life in so many ways. It’s living, loving, failing, forgiving, and most of all seeking Jesus…daily.
This is what church planting looks like today.

Be blessed,

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