Peace…something I constantly need more of in my life. I wrote this post over a month ago, but it still applies today. This is a situation I find myself in so frequently. Resurrecting this post today is a wonderful reminder to me. I hope it blesses you.

Last week I had high expectations for myself. There were a lot of things that I wanted to get done, and so I began working hard at it. And I began to fail.

All week, my insides felt tight and stiff, like my insides had gotten all tied up in knots just trying to hold it all together. Unfortunately, that happens to me a lot. I’m an A-type personality, a first born child, and a bit of a stress case.



All week, I knew I was stressed. My heart was reminding me:

Slow down!
Don’t get started the second your eyes open in the morning!
Don’t waste your time trying to distract yourself from the stress!

And yet, I never did. I knew. God was speaking to my heart, reminding me to take time for Him. Yet day by day, He got pushed aside, forgotten, or shoved into a tiny 5 minute window when “it fit in”.



And then He stepped in. He woke me up and showed me my motives.

A few days after this humbling moment, I read this verse.

Micah 5:5a

Yet, what is peace? No.




Not ‘what is peace’, but WHO is peace?


Jesus is my peace.
Jesus is my joy.
And nothing can steal or snatch that joy and peace, because nothing can snatch me away from Him.



Praise the Lord!

Be blessed,
Alesha <3

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