Church planting is a lifestyle.
Church planting starts years before you ever hold a service in a church building.

Church planting starts before you move across the city or the country or the world.

Church planting begins with a way of life that all believers are called to live.

Church planting begins with missional living.
Church planting begins in your own neighborhood, your own backyard, your own church, your own community.

Because, “Sharing the gospel always starts with one’s own people.”
Britt Merrick, Godspeed

And church planting is a call to continue your already missional lifestyle in a new and perhaps larger way, not to begin a new lifestyle.

Because if you aren’t living life on mission now, you won’t start just because you’re starting a church.

Because if you aren’t living sold out for jesus now, being a pastor or a pastor’s wife or a deacon or a kid ministry coordinator won’t make you sold out for Him.

Church planting starts in your own life, from your own walk with Jesus, and out of the mission your are on right now.

You’ll grow stronger in Jesus and you’ll learn to love Him more and you’ll take greater steps of faith as you church plant, but the strength and love and faith doesn’t start with church planting.

Church planting is a lifestyle that starts long before you ever open the doors of a church building for service…
Church planting is a lifestyle of living on mission.

Be blessed

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