Church planting is…
…a faith journey.

…a step and another step and another.

…a walk of faith that ends in eternity.


And sometimes we think that all the big steps of faith come at the beginning, at the build up to the church plant.

We think the faith is needed when you decide to leave your home church and all your friends and your established ministry to start something new.

We think the faith is needed when you move across the country with no job and no place to live and just a few thousand dollars in the bank.

We think the faith is needed when you write that first rent check for a building to hold your services, all the while wondering if anyone will show up.

We think that by year one you’ve pretty much got it down.
We think that by year two you’re just cashing in on the steps of faith from the past.

But faith doesn’t work like that.

There will always be another step.
There will always be a greater step.
There will always be that next way God calls you to move.

Will we obey?
Will we continue to walk by faith, week after week, year after year? Or will we rest on our laurels and think that our steps of faith in church planting are done?

Travis and I are learning this first-handed right now.

When we first moved to South Florida to help plant Redemption Church, my husband got a job at Starbucks. God’s hand was so clearly in every part of him getting the job that we knew it was where he was supposed to be.


And it’s painful to have a bachelors in business and work at a minimum wage, part-time job, even when you know that is where God has called you. Recently though, we’ve begun to feel God releasing us from the call to work there. And although that is what Travis has been wanting for a long time, it is scary to be out on the edge of a new chapter, knowing where you are being released from, but not knowing where to go next.

So we entered one of the most stressful seasons of our lives trying to figure out where God was leading if He was leading away from Starbucks.

When I first fell in love with my man, I never dreamed that eight years later we would be living in Florida and that he would be starting a web design business while working as a part time as an assistant pastor to a church plant. But here we are, and once again we’re taking scary steps of faith and asking, “God, is this really where you’re calling us? Are these the right steps of faith?”

But if we knew the outcome…
If we knew that it would work…
If we knew the end of the story…
If we were guaranteed success…
then it wouldn’t be faith.


So we’re taking a deep breath and fixing our eyes on Jesus and trusting that He’ll show us the next step at just the right time.

And today, that next step is launching tnsinks designs: Custom Web Design for Church Plants and Small Businesses.


Can I ask you to spread the word to anyone you might know who is starting a business, non-profit, church, etc who needs an affordable custom website?

And can I ask for your prayers as we take our next step of faith?

And can I challenge you, what is your next step of faith?


Church planting is a faith journey, and the steps of faith never end.

Be blessed

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