We are commanded to love.Simple, right?

To me this command sounds as though it should be the easiest of all Jesus’ commands to actually live out. But when we attempt to really love others in the midst of the brokenness of this world, it is impossible to continue believing that Jesus’ command to love is an easy one to follow.


“Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.”
1 Peter 4:8

Do you see it?
“Above all…”
First and foremost…
Of utmost importance…

And we aren’t called to love when we feel like loving.
And we aren’t called to love who we feel like loving.
And we aren’t called to love because someone is worthy of our love.
We are called to love because Jesus loved.

And we are called to an earnest love.

Earnest – a serious and intent mental state

My love for others, particularly the body of Christ, should not be based on feelings. Instead my love for others is formed from a state of mind that I am called to and given by God.

Love is a mindset we choose to have. And a mindset is premeditated, planned. And the mindset of earnest love that we are called to is sobering and serious. How could it not be when our example of earnest love died the most brutal death ever dreamed up by mankind?

Love is of first importance.
Love is a mindset.
Love is command.
Love is serious and requires intentionality.
Love covers a multitude of sin.


Because when we enter into the mess of life with an intentional mindset of love, we can love the way Jesus loved and serve the way Jesus served and forgive the way Jesus forgave.

How do you develop a mindset of love in yourself?

Be blessed

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