Church planting is…
…barbecues and pool parties and potlucks and beach nights.

…long lunches after church full of long conversations and long laughs.

…late nights with popcorn and candy and just being together.

…watching kids run and play together in crazy bursts of energy while sneaking in bits of adult conversation in between.

…surprise parties to celebrate people…birthdays, graduations, birth announcements or new phases of life.




…chicken wing taste testings and ethic food sharing.

…too many sweets and too much coffee and splurging on Mexican Coke because you love these people you’re sharing life with.

…group texts full of emojis and jokes.

…staying up to late but not regretting it the next morning because good fellowship was had and good memories were formed in those hours of missed sleep.

…talks over coffee.
…talks over pizza.
…talks over frozen yogurt or homemade pie or Cuban flan.
…talks during walks, while swimming, next to the coffee pot, in a van loaded too full…

Church planting is fun.

Church planting is full of building relationships in big ways and little ways.
It’s full of relationships built by serving together and living life together.
It’s full of relationships grown through birthday parties and just because parties and baby shower parties none of them fancy or fully put together.
But it’s full of fun when you take the time to enjoy and develop the people and relationships God has given.

Church planting that is fun requires an open home and an open schedule and an open heart and open ears to listen.
And living open lives is vulnerable, but it’s so worth it.

Sometimes we get so bogged down in the hard and the stressful and the overwhelming parts of church that we forget the good and the joyful and the fun parts.

But church planting is fun.
Not every moment or every day or every week…but there are so many, many opportunities for fun and joy in church planting.


Church planting is fun…let’s not forget it and let’s not miss it.

Be blessed

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