It was a card, a plate of cookies, and a small bunch of flowers.The cookies weren’t all the same size, my handwriting was crooked, and a few of the flowers were starting to wilt.
But I knew that it was the effort, the love, that was put into those little gifts that meant more than the gifts themselves.

But really, how do cookies and flowers mend a heart broken over the loss of a child?


It may be years later, but really, if time doesn’t heal then how do handwritten cards and a plate of cookies make any difference?
Sometimes, I’m afraid to offer love because the shape my love takes seems so pitifully inadequate. But the love we can share in the form of homemade yummies and cheerful blooms is part of a much bigger story.

Because He is love.
He IS love.

And as the church, our hands extended in love should merely be a tiny portrait of Love Himself.

It’s not the flowers, it’s the gesture of love that sacrifices to buy a bouquet and drive up the street to deliver them with a hug and words of encouragement.
And it’s not the baking of cookies, it’s the love and care the gesture reveals.
And it’s not the words written on the card, it’s the words poured out in prayer to our God of Love for the one who is hurting.

I always thought that other people were so talented and thoughtful. And I wished I could be that person… I felt sympathetic and I wanted to do something, but I never did anything because everything felt to superficial.

But it’s not the gift itself that means something. It’s the thought and the love and the prayers and the tears poured out over the hurting heart and represented by the gifts that means something.

I don’t want to let the inadequacy of my words and my kindness to stop me anymore. Because cookies and cards may not mend a broken heart, but Jesus does.

And if my little gifts of kindness can point a mourner to Jesus, then I’ll keep baking cookies and writing cards and buying flowers till Jesus comes back.

Sister, will you join me? Will you step out from behind the insufficiency you feel to pour out love on those around you who need it? Will you be willing?

Our gifts may not always be accepted well, but Jesus always will accept the prayers we offer over hurting people and broken situations. So pray and bake and pray and write cards and pray and stretch out your hands in love.

Because He is love, so shouldn’t we be love to others?

Be blessed

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