Sunlight bathes the world in golden morning majesty.The way it reaches through the leaves of the trees.
The way it sparkles off the surface of the ocean.
The way it seems to dance with the reeds and the wind.
It draws me, touches me, whispers to me…


I am drawn to light, to photos full of light, to words full of light, to hearts full of light. There is something about light that steals my attention and catches my breath and stills my heart and whispers of something more…of something greater yet to come.

With it the darkness is banished.
With it fears are revealed as false.
With it peace is given.
With it hope springs forth.

The hope of a new day.
The hope of life.
The hope of warmth and comfort.
The hope of glory yet to come.

And in moments spent in awe of the breathe catching beauty of light, my hearts longs for the day when my eyes will behold the true Light.
Oh that glorious day when we shall be clothed in the light of His presence.
When we shall breathe in of Him and Him alone.
When we shall be forever surrounded by the radiance of His presence.
When our hopes shall be fulfilled and our hearts shall be fully satisfied.

And the glimpses of light and hope that we get here are never quite enough. They bring a moment of purest peace and joy and hope and yet still leave a craving for more. One day that more will be satisfied. The desire of our breath will be fulfilled. We will be filled never to be emptied again.
Oh the glory of our hope!


Be blessed

{This post is part of my 31 day series called “Breathe” that I am linking up with The Nester for this October writing project}

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