“Faith isn’t that feeling you get when God tells you to do something. That feeling, it comes before the faith.”
His words came strong and steady as we drove through the night.

“The faith is in the action…the faith is the action.”

And my heart beat faster with the realization.
And clarity dawned in my mind.


Because we so often think that those with great dreams have great faith.

But most people I know who have great dreams from God aren’t living in a way where those dreams could ever be fulfilled. And you wonder if they really have the call from God they claim. Because the call should be fulfilled at some point…right?

And I wonder if my dreams are valid…if they could ever be fulfilled. And I wonder if my passions are from God. I wonder if I have the faith to act on the dreams.

“Because if ‘faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.’ then the hearing the call isn’t the faith. It’s the action that falls the call and the action that follows the passion that is the faith.”

Dawn breaks clearer on my heart and my mind as I listen to my husband speak his heart…speak truth to my heart.


Before I ever step out on the call in my heart, it is just that…a call. It’s the stepping out that is the faith. It’s the doing. It’s the acting on the call.

My dreams and passions and callings are just that, dreams, until I step out upon them. Then they become faith.

Because we can dream and be passionate and believe in what we’ve heard but there is no faith until we live it. And those with true faith are the ones who act on the dreams and passions and calls God has put on their hearts. The size of the calling doesn’t determine the size of your faith…because faith is in the acting on the calling of any size.

So I ponder long if I am living by faith or simply living with a dream and a call in my heart afraid to act. Afraid of faith.

Be blessed

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