“Faith isn’t that feeling you get when God tells you to do something. That feeling, it comes before the faith.”Travis Sinks

And that’s the hard part of faith. Faith is the living.
The doing doesn’t make the faith easier, because the doing is the faith. And to live a life of faith, you must be doing and following and obeying the call over and over and over.


Because faith isn’t something you do once. It’s a lifestyle.
And when we’re living by faith we’ll never feel quite settled in and sure of everything because then it wouldn’t be faith.

“Faith isn’t faith unless it’s faith…too many people try to walk by sight and call it faith.”
Pastor Daniel Williams

Because faith that isn’t hard and faith that isn’t scary and faith when we don’t know the outcome isn’t faith at all.

“Faith isn’t faith unless it’s faith”

Because real faith acts when God says go…
Even when the money isn’t all there.
Even when you wonder how three people will get everything done.
Even when you’ve never done anything like this before and you feel in way over your head.

Because faith believes the promises of God…
Because faith knows that when God says to do something it is for our good.
Because faith doesn’t wait for a “special” calling. Faith acts on what God has already said…on what we already know.

And we make faith so complicated.
When really…
“If you want to live by faint, start with the things God has already revealed to you in His Word.”
Pastor Daniel Williams

And it’s as simple and complicated as that.
Obeying the commands in God’s Word even when you’re too busy or too tired or too poor, and trusting that He will supply what you lack
Trusting that He will supply the time, the money, the wisdom…because He won’t command you to follow and then leave you to flounder.

And faith is just that and faith is all that.
Day after day.
Step after step.
As we walk by faith, sure of this one thing: our reward in heaven is sure and our Father in heaven is good.

“His plan isn’t always easy; it is always good. His plan isn’t always clear; it is always sure.”
Travis Sinks

Be blessed

Click here to listen to the recent series sermon series by Redemption Church, titled Living by Faith, which inspired much of this short series on faith.

It's as Simple
Faith isn't a Feeling

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