Every person has their own set of fears to wrestle before the feet of Jesus. Differences in upbringing, personality, and life circumstances combine to create our own unique, complex set of fears.
I’m good at hiding my fears…even from myself. I’m good at talking positive and calling my fears by names that make them seem not-so-scary.
But I’m learning that hiding my fears doesn’t really help in the long run.



So I’m also learning to settle my mind and open my heart before Jesus to find out what the real fears are. I’m learning to dig deep beneath the labels and the positivity to figure out the real names and shapes of my fears.

And it’s painful.
And it’s scary.

Because even if I know that there is something deeper going on in my heart, the intensity of it often surprises me. But more often surprising than the intensity of my fears, are the lies I’m believing that are leading to that fear.

I didn’t really intend to dig that deep last week. But I found myself spilling out my heart and tears before God as He uncovered the real fears in heart. And as I saw the fears laid bare, I saw the lies that were feeding the fears.
Lies I thought I had dealt with.
Lies I thought I was free from.

So today I’m still struggling under the weight of those fears some, but there is a freedom in being able to name the fears and to name the lies driving them.

Because when you can name the lies feeding your fears, you can preach truth straight into the pain. When you know the name of your fears, you can fight the infection with the right medicine…with truth.

So the truths I’m preaching to my heart this week are these:

A hard life doesn’t have to equal a bitter heart.
A busy life doesn’t have to equal an anxious heart.
A painful life doesn’t have to equal painful relationships.
A small life doesn’t have to equal a hard heart.

Because no matter how busy and hard and painful life is, God is still more powerful and loving and awesome. Because no matter how much my circumstances hurt, I have a never-ending source of joy and peace and freedom in Jesus.

If life gets hard, I don’t have to become hard as well.
That’s the beauty of the gospel. In the midst of the pain and hurt and hardship, I can still live free and joyful.


I’m learning that the way to battle these fears is the same way I’ve found comfort with every other fear I’ve encountered…by pressing closer and closer to Jesus and preaching hard His truth over my heart.

And there is peace to be found. There is joy to be had. There is comfort waiting in Him.

Whatever fears are binding your heart today, take them to Jesus. There will be specific, focused truths you can preach into your own heart and situation, but the solution is always the same…draw near to Jesus.

Because peace and joy and comfort are always and only found in Him.

Be blessed

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