I’m another year older today. And with each year that passes, my birthday becomes less of a holiday and more of a day to reflect and give thanks for all God has done in the past year and years of my life.
I’m only just starting year 24…but I could write volumes on all God has done in me in the past year, let alone the past 24 years. So instead today I’m listing the things I’m finding myself grateful for as I reflect on the life God has woven together for me.


Today I’m grateful…

Grateful for family: my parents and siblings, my married-into family, my church family, and my precious little family of my husband, me, and our sweet baby boy.

Grateful for sunshine and palm trees and cool breezes and the time to rest and take care of myself and our house.

Grateful for God digging into the hard places of my heart and making them soft again.

Grateful for truth that keeps me balanced and at peace even when everything around me seems off-balance.

Grateful for milestones (like birthdays) to reflect on all God has done and all the blessings that I so often overlook.

Grateful for an easy stage of pregnancy and the ability to feel more precious baby kicks every day.

Grateful for the ability to fight for discipline and growth in my life, even though many days it feels like I’m loosing the fight.

Grateful for wisdom of godly men and women who speak into my life regularly, either in person or through the blessings of technology.

Grateful for the ability to do work that I love (tutoring) with a steady set of families who I love.

Grateful for the ability to serve and love our community as part of Redemption Church.

…and I’m grateful beyond all else for the blessing of being married to and starting a family with the man of my dreams. When we started dating just eight years ago, I could never have dreamed how many blessings God was bringing into my life by bringing me Travis. And I’m so, so grateful.

Although there is lots of unknown coming up for us, I’m finding that more than ever before, now is the time to be grateful…to be thankful. Now is the time to name the blessings God has given and to trust that He will continue to bless even when we can’t see how.

So today I’m reminding myself that while planning and seeking God’s will are good, so is taking the time to simply see the blessings He’s given right now in the midst.

And as I count the ways I’m grateful, I’m seeing myself as blessed…

Be blessed

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