I struggle so much with goals, because they tend to suck the life out of me instead of filling me with life. I get excited and I get prepared and then one little thing falls apart or doesn’t happen on time and my perfect world is shattered.
I guess I’m ‘a bit’ of a perfectionist…
This year, I’ve struggled and held back and waited and prayed that the goals I end up with give life to my 2014, not steal the life and joy from it. And I know it’s not the goals anyways, it’s my heart in making them, in keeping them, in seeing them. And heart work takes time.

So here…finally, freely, with open hands and heart quavering with both excitement and fear…


My Goals for 2014

The Big Idea:
Work Hard + Rest Well
God commands us to work and He commands us to rest.
Not suggests.
Not encourages.

I so often find myself trying to do both at the same time…to work and rest simultaneously. Watching a tv show while blogging or checking Instagram while mopping the floor. It’s been painful to learn and admit that I am not good at multitasking. Even more painful when admitting that my husband is amazing at it. Yet it’s been freeing to learn, that even if I was good at it, it is not always helpful. And that’s part of why my husband is so good at multitasking…he knows when it is helpful and he knows when it is not.

I didn’t want my year to go this direction.
I ignored.
I denied.
I said it was a private, on-the-side thing I would work on quietly…without telling anyone. Without admitting my failure.
But in the process of walking through Lara Casey’s goal setting steps, it all boiled down to this one issue. This one process in my life that needs to change. This one area of my heart needs so desperately to change.

I’m afraid of working hard.
I’m afraid of tired.
I’m afraid of having no time for rest.
I’m afraid my rest will be wasted in worry.
But I’m more afraid of not working hard, of not resting well, of not being intentional with the time I’ve been given, of being disobedient.

So this process is going to be filled with mistakes and growth. With humbling and rejoicing. With asking forgiveness and receiving grace. It’s been a slow start to 2014…but a good start. I’m ready.

The Practical Goals:
Run 500 miles in 2014
Run 3 days in a row with only one day rest in between 3s
No social media before my Bible time
No bad multitasking
Say yes to being with people
Write in my Gifts Journal daily
Intentionally disciple someone
Memorize + meditate on God’s Word through the Jesus Project
Take the time to take more + better pictures (even when it’s awkward)

February’s Goal:
Develop a morning routine

These are the basics.
There is more.
There’s the why and the how and the measures of success.
But the big…the ideas…the pared down to a few simple words that gets the heart of it all version is listed here.
There are more details. More ways these are fleshed out. More ways these are measured.
But for now…
I’m excited.
I’m ready.


Are you interested in hearing the how and why behind any of these goals? If you are, please tell me in the comments or on Twitter or Instagram.


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