This was supposed to be a vlog…
And life happened and I’m a day late and it’s just black and white written out, but I’m praying it’s still good and true and helpful.

Living For This Moment Linkup

I’m linking up with two of my favorite bloggers today.

Becky from For this Season

Jessi from This Jessi Bridges

These ladies aren’t the ‘all-in-one, wonder bloggers’ who seem to have limitless resources and perfect fashion, but they are real and true. They each have a voice and platform and they use it well for His glory.

Living For This Moment – State of the Home:

What part of homemaking do you feel you are good at?
{I feel as though writing this post is somehow a lie. Everything I know about homemaking, I learned from my mother and writing it here feels as though I’m stealing the credit. So these strengths are all things I’ve learned from her.}

My strengths are in budgeting and cooking. I’ve learned how to set a budget and stick to it. How to cook good, healthy food on a very small amount of money. How to wait and plan and evaluate when spending money, and how to be content within the budget.

What part of homemaking do you struggle with?
I can clean a house better than any house cleaning agency…and I do scrub it well. Just not often…not consistently. I have all the tools to plan meals ahead of time and shop just off them. I just don’t do it often. I don’t have a set day that I do laundry. I clean the toilet (almost) every Tuesday, because we have people come over Tuesday nights. Bot sometimes the kitchen floor goes a week without even being swept. And meal planning only happens maybe six weeks out of the year.

Don’t get me wrong. I clean often. I shop only a few times a month, and finish most things before they go bad. I get to the laundry before we run out of underwear…usually. My kitchen is typically very clean, but the rest of the house goes through phases. And even when it is clean, it isn’t picked up or the other way around.

Did you set any goals for 2014? Are you keeping them? Modifying them?
For now, those struggles are okay. Because those things were really important to me for awhile…maybe too important. Having consistency was an essential to me. But as He peeled the constituency away from my life, I found that I could strive to force consistency into the inconsistent or I could let go and hold things a little looser. And I’ve learned to hold things loose and move things around, but this year God has pressed hard on my heart the goal of working hard and resting well in 2014.

Because in my effort to leave freedom and flexibility, I’ve done neither well. So this year I’ve set lots of goals, and slowly the consistency is coming back…just a less structured consistent than I used to want. And I’m leaving room for more goals to come throughout the year. I’m pretty sure consistent meal planning and cleaning will come at some point…I’m hoping they will. But I’m waiting on His timing. I don’t want to rush the work.

Be blessed

Happy January 27th: New Years Goals

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