I kept waking up to thoughts running crazy through my brain, as if my brain and body weren’t agreeing on when I should sleep. When day came, thoughts and plans and worries and wonderings all kept competing for my heart. Because you can’t think on something long without your heart following.

You can’t in breathe in the crazy of life and expect your heart to stay at peace.
And mostly, that’s what I try to do.
I try to breathe in the thoughts and the plans and the words and the doing without hoping that I’ll breathe out life and peace and productivity. But you only breathe out what you breathe in.

And I’ve gone through so many days breathing out crazy and plans and words and doing, hoping that in all my pouring out something good will come. But I know, the good never comes that way…

So I drag my unwilling heart to the coziest spot on the couch. And I rummage through my purse for my favorite mechanical pencil, while my three mismatched journals wait on the pillow next to me.


My unwilling heart is plotting time and winding up to speed through the reading of His Word, while my mind is passionately dissenting. The crazy heightens and my mind can’t seem to out shout my stubbornly hardened heart, so I push back against the crazy with a whisper.

“Lord, help me to enter your presence and still my crazy mind. Help me to focus on You during this time.”

And there is power my feeble prayer, not because of my faith or wisdom, but because of the great power of the One I’m calling on.
Because His peace alone can steal the crazy and still the battle.
Because His power alone can change my heart.
Because the highness of His calling and the greatness of His love for me alone can lend purpose to the details of my life.

And maybe I’m praying that feeble prayer every day, but it’s whispered plea never looses it’s power when I follow through to actually seek Him. Always He’s there waiting to answer…even before the sound has brushed across my lips, He’s waiting.


So I’m drinking hot tea and praying through the crazy and thanking hard for the still that’s found in His presence.

Sisters, will you join me in sitting still in His presence? Will you follow through on that whispered prayer and sit still before Him and read the truth He’s revealed? Join me.

Be blessed

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