A cold morning that makes you dread poking even a toe out from under the coversA kitchen that’s busy and full of food being made
Pumpkin pie with a slightly overcooked crust
An extra dash of pepper in the green bean casserole


The table arranged long a pretty on the covered porch
Sunshine warming the cold of fall
Friends that are almost like family to share the holiday with
A kitchen that keeps filling with food and faces

A giant, golden turkey
Favorite teams and epic catches from the football game on tv
Baked brie


My husband next to me at the table
Kids interrupting the prayer to add their own thanks
Food swallowed faster than I thought possible
Three kinds of dessert on my plate


Long conversations and happy laughs
Sore feet in pretty high-heeled boots
Curled hair that flattened in less than 20 minutes
People to love and serve with

Technology that connects families across the miles
Charlie Brown theme song played on the piano
A cold diet pepsi
Late night shopping and talking and walking and talking some more


And this couldn’t name the half of all I have to give thanks for from yesterday. He is good.

Be blessed

In the Whisper
Second Time Around

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