You might know my story.
You might know that I am passionate about serving God.
You might know that I moved across the country with my husband to help start a church.
You might know that I care deeply about people growing in their faith and serving God and others.

But as I sat in church a couple of Sundays ago…the first time I had sat through an entire service since my precious son was born eight months ago…as I sat and looked at the faces around me and listened to the worship music playing, I realized…

##Without God’s Spirit here with us, there is no point.

In the past three months, we have moved to a larger building, added a second kids class, nearly doubled our volunteers, rethought every part of what we do, “relaunched” in our new location on Easter Sunday, passed out hundreds of fliers, invited friends and family, planned and dreamed, and held a series of prayer meetings leading up to it all…

And yet I looked around at the faces, old and new, realizing that all our work could very easily be pointless.

##Everything we had done…all the hours and work and preparations could be completely wasted if God’s Spirit was not there with us.

And I pleaded in that moment, that He would be with us…that He would pour out His Spirit in blessing. Because I don’t want our work to be in vain. I don’t want each Sunday’s scheduling and set up and serving and tear down to be in vain. I don’t want each service’s worship and teaching and praying to be just words thrown aimlessly into a room of people.

###I don’t want our serving to be in vain.

But I find my heart so easily slipping into the rut of doing and serving and leading just because that is the thing to do.

And I find myself praying often that God would work through our efforts, that His Spirit would bring life to our doing and serving. Because all the planning and programing and preaching is good and necessary, but if we forget Who it is that gives these things their purpose and power then we are missing the entire point.

Lord, let none of this be in vain.
Send Your Spirit to work and move amongst us and through us.
Pour out Your Spirit on us and through us.
Let our worship and our praise and our service bring You glory and honor.
Accept our work and our worship as an outpouring of our love for You.
Lord, please do the work that only You can do.
In our service and our worship…let it be worth it for Your kingdom.

Be blessed

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