I loved you from that first minute…but it took years for me to admit it. It took years for me to grow into it.

There will be many years of growing into your arms to come.

That moment when you kiss me goodbye and your hand lingers a little extra long on my waist and your eyes tell the story your words can’t always.


The precious minutes spent, heart bowed, in the presence of our Savior…sometimes I feel like I’m intruding on holy ground.


When your eyes sparkle and your lips spill forth teasing words that end with us both sparkly-eyed and laughing, gasping for air and hanging on to every precious, smiling second.


The cherished moments of your arms wrapping itself gently, firmly around my waist, pulling me in and making me feel safe and warm and small and dainty and loved and most of all…yours.


The times when words flow steady and strong from your lips guiding, exhorting, wondering, preaching, teaching and leading me in more ways than you will ever know…because those words are not simply words, they are your heart. And that changes me.


Long nights listening to the rise and fall, in and out, up and down, fast and slow of your voice singing and praising your Savior. My heart is rising and falling, rushing in and leaping out, rising up and soaring down, speeding fast and wandering slow with the rhythm of your heart poured out in song. Be still my soul.


And every moment of every day I have the choice to breathe in deep and breathe out slow and listen to your heart and pray for you hard and to love you strong and steady and never ending.
The choice to love you.
The choice to see the good.
The choice to honor.
The choice to cherish.

Heavenly Father help me to daily make these choices, this choice, to love my husband unconditionally.

Be blessed

Coffee Date: Valentine's Day
WIWW: Bless the Lord

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