“I thought there were things I had to do to be loved…I’m so thankful that it’s not that way.”
I sat on the floor two weeks ago and listened to her story. A story of a lost and broken heart breaking into light. A story of atheism turned lover of Jesus.




It had been a year.
A year of following Jesus.
A year of a life transformed. And she sat cross legged on the couch and shared His transforming work in her.

I knew a tiny piece already.
I had been there, cheering, at her baptism.
I smiled at her the few Sunday’s she attended our church…saw her praying the day she got saved.

Her’s was a radical transformation.
The joy that explodes from her when talks about Jesus is infectious.

And there were joyful tears in her eyes that night as she shared these words…“I thought there were things I had to do to be loved…I’m so thankful that it’s not that way.”

Sister, sit in the truth of that statement with me.
Invite your heart to slow down and ponder that truth.

There is nothing you have to do to be loved.

You don’t even have to believe that you are loved…but you are.

He loves you now.
He loved you yesterday.
He loved you on your very worst day.
He loved you while you did or said or thought horrible things.
He loves you even if you walk away from His love today.

Sister, ponder that. Think on it. Let it soak in. Do more than let it soak in…Pound it into your heart and mind. Preach it to yourself. Preach it to others. Speak it loud. Whisper it soft. Listen to yourself say it. Feel your lips form it. Ask someone else to say it to you. Write it down. Read it. Read it again. Read it out loud. Meditate on it…

And in all this, learn to believe it…
Because we can’t believe this truth about God and not be changed by it.

So sisters, let’s believe and be changed together.

Be blessed

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