We slept in way to late.We ate yummy, unhealthy things for breakfast.
We didn’t shower and went to the beach as soon as we had eaten.
We played in the warm clear water.
We sat in the sun and read books…
…now we’re reading and getting a few little things done and Travis just finished practicing the worship set for this Sunday.


In an hour, we are heading out to dinner to finally use that gift card that’s been sitting in the bottom drawer, waiting.

And I’m feeling guilty…

It’s been a slow week already.
I’ve been tired because we’ve spent lots of late nights saying yes to people. Tutoring has all but puttered to a stop this week as school is finishing up. And the house is clean, but my heart is a little frantic.

The lack of physical doing causing my mind to go into overdrive…as if I can somehow compensate for my lack of physical doing with extra mental “doing”.

It never works that way though.
The mental crazy is wearing me out more than the physical crazy ever would.

I’m sitting here feeling guilty for the joy and the slow of today and at the same time chiding myself for not enjoying it more, and I wonder how I get so caught in the middle.

Caught in the middle of what I know is right and what I feel.
Caught in the middle of my desire to do and my desire to be.
Caught in the middle of joy and stress.

So I’m preaching to my own heart today…

Breathe, Alesha. Breathe.

Breathe in truth.
Breathe out thanks…and truth…and grace…and life.
Breathe in Jesus.
Breathe out Jesus to those around you.

You’ve worked hard the last few weeks…months. Rest well today because you’ll work hard again very soon.

Rest is a gift from God.
This time with your husband is a gift.
Breathe it in fully. Appreciate it fully. And give thanks for it joyfully.

Because if you don’t embrace the rest right here, right now, you’ll come up dry tomorrow. Because if you don’t let Jesus meet you in the hard times and the good times you’ll end up a little twisted and a little off and a lot burned out on this whole thing called life.

Because life is a gift and God is the Giver and He.is.good.
He is good.
Let that truth soak in.
Give thanks for it.
Be still in worship before Him.
Let this moment, this rest, let it be worship.

Breathe in grace.
Breathe out thanks.

Sister, can you relate? Do you ever feel guilty for resting?

My goal for this year was to work hard and rest well. I started off the year needing to be more diligent and I’m now finding myself needing to be more still…needing to truly rest well.

And my weekend may be winding down, but yours is probably just starting. So sister, let me tell you to rest well this weekend!

You may not have worked hard this week, but start by resting well in Jesus this weekend. And let your work flow from that place of peace and grace in Him.

Be blessed

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