So Travis had the day off work today, but I still had to tutor this morning.  So he hung out with a friend while I worked.  And when I got back, we invited another friend over and I made lunch for them!
Go look at almost any of my Instagram posts to see pictures of “the guys”.  We normally play Settlers of Catan, but today we branched out…keep reading to find out what we played.  But first, the food I made!
Mini Corn Dogs
Lil’ Smokies (all beef)
a pan filled 1 1/2″ to 2″ with vegetable oil (heat to medium or medium high heat)
corn bread batter (any type!)
1. Insert toothpicks into the lil’ smokies
2. Dip them into the corn bread batter (dry them off with a paper towel in order for the batter to stick better – be careful because the toothpicks come out easily)
3. Using kitchen tongs to grasp the toothpick, hold the dipped lil’ smoky in the hot oil for 20-30 seconds. (they need to be darker than you think…the golden brown color means the batter is still goopy in the middle)
4. Cool on paper towels
5. Enjoy your mini corn dogs with your favorite condiments!
I used ketchup and mayonaise!
Then we hung out…
(Isn’t my hubby handsome?)
And then I lost by 3 points at Ticket to Ride.  I was so close!  =(
That handsome guy pictured above won…  =)
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