Hey Everyone! There is a super fun competition going on over at Mommy by Day Crafter by Night! I just voted in round 2 of her “So You Think You Can Sew” competition. There are a twelve amazingly talented ladies over there sharing their projects. Go ahead and check it out! I voted…I wished I could have voted for more than just one. =( So go support these ladies and enjoy all the fun projects!
Poll: So You Think You Can Sew {Week 1: For the Home}

Also, I was taking some time to read last night all curled up in a blanket and here are some thoughts that I had while reading the book of Isaiah.
Chapter 24 of Isaiah is talking about God’s final judgement on the earth. Verses 4-6 especially describe the defilement of the earth that has come from sin. When we look around us, it is easy to see that defilement in every area of society and even our own lives. I don’t think we understand what a wretched place this earth has become…and I don’t think we ever will until we can compare it to heaven. (Oh I can’t wait for that day!

But the main thought that stuck out to me was in verse 23, the last verse in the chapter. It says, “Then the moon will be disgraced And the sun ashamed, For the LORD of hosts will reign On Mount Zion and in Jerusalem And before His elders, gloriously.” (NKJV)

Wow! Do you see that? The LORD, reigning in His full glory, is so magnificent that the moon is disgraced and the sun is ashamed! Once again…wow! Can you even imagine something that radiant and beautiful? Something so wonderful and full of light that the SUN is put to shame?

This is our God! Let us praise Him for He alone is worthy.

Have a blessed day!

Hello Again!
We have all Eternity

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