Hello Everyone!
Sorry that I kind of checked out without even a warning.  I’m still getting used to updating my blog frequently even during busy times.  So what has been so busy?
Well, I work every Saturday. ALL DAY!  Last Saturday I was at work for 15 hours to be exact!  Yep…it was fun.  And then Sunday was church.  Then I came home and made three large pans of lasagna, caesar salad, and rolls (I cheated on the rolls and just popped frozen ones in the oven).  These were for a young adult guys/girls night out (really more like ‘in’).  The even went really well even though not too many girls showed up.  Everyone had a blast.  But wait…what did I do when I got home at 9:45 that night?
Packed!  Yes, I finished packing two carry-ons and my “purse” (messenger bag).
Then Travis and crashed for about 3 1/2 hours until our alarm when off at 3:15 am.  By 4 am we were meeting a group at our church and heading off to the airport!
And after a 2+ hour flight and another hour drive, we arrived at our destination right before lunch.
Let me say…it was BEAUTIFUL!
We were there from Monday morning through Thursday afternoon for the Calvary Chapel Youth Workers Conference.  It was incredible!  I am from rainy Washington, so look at this SUN!


It was a much needed vacation to be sure!  We spent a lot of hours in session; listening to various pastors, worshiping, or going to breakout session workshops.  However, we also found time to spend in the sun, on the beach, and in the natural hot springs that are right on the bible school campus!  All in all it was a refreshing time of drawing closer to the Lord and other youth workers, not to mention a relaxing time to replenish my depleted vitamin D stores!

Jealous yet?  If not, here’s a few more pictures…

Some beautiful greenery and architecture!

A beautiful sunset over the lake!


The hot springs!  We went in them at about 10:30 pm, two different nights.  They felt wonderful after a full day.  Great place to sit and talk about the day in peace and quiet.  We LOVED it! 

We spent one overcast afternoon at the beach (after stopping at In and Out, of coarse)!

A fun game of foot ball at the beach!  My friend Amanda and I watched and took pictures.  Look at that studly catch in the top photo…That’s my man!
Windy, dirty beach photos
Amanda and I


div style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”><3 friends <3

The day we left we did a couples photo shoot on the campus.  Amanda and Timothy are both youth leaders in the middle school group and are dating.  Here are a few of my favorites!
 Timothy and Amanda
Travis and Alesha (me)

Hope you all have been having as fun a week as I have!  Now that I am back to cold, rainy Washington, I will try to get back on this blogging thing.  I have a few fun projects to share with you!

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