Not every day will be hyper-productive.But some should be.

Not every day will you check things off your todo list.
But some you should.

Not every planner page will have a perfectly neat schedule.
But some will.

Not every date on the calendar will be regimented by the hour.
But some should be.



Because no one is ever perfectly productive.
Because no one is ever one hundred percent efficient.
Because no on is ever organized all of the time.

Because productivity isn’t a constant stream of getting things done. It comes in bursts and spurts.

You’ll never be always productive or perfectly productive and if you try you’ll just wear yourself out. You can’t be productive all day, but you can be productive a little every day.

An hour here.
Ten minutes there.
Two hours solid after lunch.
The twenty minutes before company comes over.

Because we so often get caught in the all or nothing trap…
You either are productive or you aren’t…
You either had a productive day or an unproductive one…

But truth be told, you may have had a little of both.

So breathe in a dose of grace today…how ever well or poorly your day is going. Breathe in grace and breathe out a prayer and find a little space to be productive.

And even on the days when every effort fails and there’s not a single productive moment to find, remember, your worth isn’t found there anyways.

Be blessed

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