“You two make me believe that real love still exists.”
At least once or twice a week he speeds through the double doors at Starbucks while I’m sitting there with my husband, enjoying a quick thirty minutes with him during his lunch break. And every time he comes in while we are sitting there, he greets us and tells us how we’re “the cutest couple in Delray”, or something to that effect.



But what he said a few days ago really struck me.
“You two make me believe that real love still exists.”

And I wondered for a little while why it stuck out to me so….
Then it hit me, “True Love does exist. And is His love is what enables our martial love to thrive and flourish. And maybe God is somehow using our love for each other as husband and wife as a way to put His love on display.”

Maybe God can even use our short time during my husbands lunch break.
Maybe him holding my sweaty hand or me staring into his tired eyes can teach someone about love.
Maybe just maybe, walking a block to spend my husband’s lunch break with him every day can have some sort of eternal impact.

And definitely He could because we serve a God who can use anyone and anything to bring Himself glory. And maybe He will use this as an open door.

We spend hours of our lives on “important” things for God and sometimes we forget that He can use and desires to use every part of our lives.

Maybe that comment was the remainder I needed to remember that every moment is a moment God can use.

Every little moment…maybe He’s using it. Maybe we’ll never know. But I want to live like He is in and using every little moment.

Be blessed

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