There is something about looking back that has captured my heart in the past week.The new year came and I fought the looking back, the remembering. I know what happened in my life, why rehash it? Why focus on what’s done.
Then this.
And this.

Slowly my heart softened to listen to wise voices calling me to slow down. Telling me to think and reflect before launching into the new. And the goals are slowly forming in my heart and planner.

Before I share the goals and the surging forward and the pressing in hard with you, join me in reflecting…in celebrating all God has done in and through me and my husband this year. May His glory shine through greatly.

January started scared and excited and wonderful with the launch of Redemption Church Sunday morning services. This Florida home was still so new and I found myself relearning who I am as a person.




February my mama shared from her journal the crazy of her life, and I felt the waves crash and began to understand the confusing of ministry.


photo 4-2b

March was quiet on here. Because my grandma passed away, my mother came to Florida to visit and my friend had her first baby girl in a period of 24 hours. Because I was pondering my home…my new home…my new life.




April I turned 22 and had a sweet simple birthday with friends. Easter service was incredible! A reminder that He rose to bring hope and life and peace and I began to see His provision more clearly.




May came with a much needed time of refreshment and our two year wedding anniversary. And much reflecting on all the little moments that make life special and busy.



June was our first visit back to Washington. And I recorded a long vlog for the one year anniversary of She Reads Truth.



July I poured my heart out in words (twice), the church made it halfway to a year, and I really began to find my writing voice.




August another dear friend announced her pregnancy, my husband gave me encouragement every woman needs to hear, and I faced the ugly of my own heart for you to read.


photo 5

September was long and slow and tired…and I clung to the fact that He lifts my burdens.



October I wrote for 31 days and felt God breathe new life and new passion into my heart. My favorite posts came on day 6 (Not Just Church) and day 9 (What it Really Is) and day 24 (First) and day 27 (Change Me)…and maybe few more.




November I watched my sister run for God’s glory and I reevaluated the running of my life. I was excited for every Christmas decoration I saw, except for the ones waiting to be put up in our apartment.



December brought Christmas lights and 80 degree weather and new deoderant. And my heart kept searching for the still and holy of His presence. And He is good.



And another year has come and has gone.
And I’m still fighting the urge to go and do with out first looking back and evaluating…and thanking.

Be blessed

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